A little old East Boston wisdom for our mediocre politics



When I went to vote at Precinct 13, Ward 1, I couldn’t but notice how things have changed in the last few years, and not for the better.

How blah, the voting experience is!

There were very few candidate supporters outside and inside the precinct, I did not know a single one of the workers,

I stood outside that precinct supporting one candidate or another from the early 1960s when Michael D’Avolio first ran for E.B.Representative to the last election of Massachusetts Senate President Robert “Bobby Trav” Travaglini in the early 2000s.

Former Senate President Robert Travaglini

I looked forward to election days, the primaries in September, and the finals in November. I would be supporting my favorite candidate at Precinct 13 from 7am till 8pm. Take the “count” and go to the victory party.

I loved every minute of election day at Precinct 13.

It was like a “feast” day, crowded with candidate supporters, voters, great jokes, camaraderie, laughter, delicious beverages & food from the candidate food trucks circling East Boston.

Now, not only elections, most everything is so dull, including Facebook, but of course, Facebook chooses your friends, censors your posts, and if you do not abide by their standards!

For crying out loud, we just had a special election for mayor of Boston and there was no controversy on Facebook about the candidates.

East Boston faces major problems and there is a special election for mayor and everyone keeps their mouths shut.

How DULL it has all become!!

Alice Christopher is a long-time East Boston resident and activist. She served in the Kevin White administration in the 1970s as manager of East Boston Little City Hall.

Alice Christopher with Judge Joseph Ferrino