Atlantic Works, May 2023: M’aidez featuring the work of Eric Hess and Ian Babylon

East Boston Atlantic Works
Atlantic Works May 2023

Thursday, May 4th,  6-9 pm
May 18th, 6-9 pm
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Atlantic Works Gallery presents m’aidez, featuring the work of Eric Hess and Ian Babylon.

Eric Hess is taking the meaning of M’aidez as the literal translation of ‘help me’ tying it in with traditional European Mayday when humans salute the earth. 

Humans dancing around a maypole adorned in flower crowns might not have the impact that is needed now that our planet seems to be dying. Hess will explore through photography and objects how people celebrate, consequences of human actions and demonstrate how nature usually wins in the end.

On exhibit through the month’s May days Ian Babylon has prepared a collection of works where both mortal and divine are asking for help, assistance, intercession, intervention. 

Using classical and contemporary visual elements Babylon recomposes collaged works into newly cast surrealist mythologies familiar yet novel for today and tomorrow to come.

Atlantic Works is accepting applications for new members.

Originally posted April 30, 2023