Hwang Listens to Parents on Schools, Pledges to Be a Strong Voice


State Senate Candidate Concludes Listening Tour on Education Across First Suffolk and Middlesex District
State Senate candidate Diana Hwang completed a listening tour this week across the district, talking with parents from each community about our local schools.  From Winthrop to Cambridge, Boston to Revere, Diana heard from parents about their current concerns and their future hopes for their children’s education.

“Parents recognize the power that quality public schools have to break cycles of poverty and educate all of our children to succeed,” Hwang noted. “The problem in the current charter cap debate is that it’s taking place between two powerful interest groups, one on each side – and parents and their children are caught in the middle. While insiders are arguing about raising charter school caps, parents in every community don’t really want charter schools or district schools, they want good schools and they want them NOW.”

 “I heard from two young families in Jeffries Point, holding babies in their arms that they are already worrying about the lottery – and whether there will be a quality nearby school to send their child to.  A young mother who also serves as a school librarian in Cambridge told me that she and her colleagues fear cuts to the very library programs that are vital to educating the whole child – and teaching every child a love of reading and learning.”

“One mother in the North End remarked that her son was one of only two from the entire neighborhood who had gotten into the high quality Eliot School.  Two mothers from El Salvador who had settled in the district to escape gang violence in their native country but worried that their boys would be swept up in gang violence here because they have no after school programs to divert them.  And a an education advocate and her friends in Revere pointed out that recent budget cuts might impact all extra-curricular activities including sports.”

“As State Senator, I’ll fight for each and every one of these families – and bring their voices to the debate,” Hwang said at the conclusion of her listening tour.  “We have to ensure that ALL schools get the resources they need so that every student can attend a great school.  I support conclusions of the Legislature’s Foundation Budget Commission calling for increased funding and would staunchly support the so-called ‘millionaires tax’ as a way of raising the required revenue.”

Diana Hwang, an East Boston resident, is a candidate for the Democratic nomination in the special election to replace Senator Anthony Petruccelli.  She is the co-founder and executive director of a successful non-profit that mentors young women to become community leaders.  She previously served as a top aide in the state house and a chief-of-staff in Boston’s City Council.  She’s running for State Senate to stand up to powerful insiders and special interests who make decisions behind closed doors that effect our families.  Diana will be a voice for all of our families in the halls of power.

Source: Diana Hwang campaign