In their own words: Anthony D’Ambrosio


by Anthony D’Ambrosio

I am writing to introduce myself. My name is Anthony D’Ambrosio, and I am a candidate for State Senate. I ask that you consider me for the following reasons:

My Connection to the Senate District
My family and I have deep roots in our community. I am the son and grandson of immigrants who settled in East Boston, the North End, Revere and Winthrop. My grandfather and father have started businesses that are proud to service those in our community and they have instilled their work ethic and desire to help others in me. I am a proud resident of Revere and have spent a good portion of my life visiting family throughout in the district.

My Educational Background
My family strongly believes in the transformative power of education and pushed me to study hard. With some great teachers, good fortune, and hard work, I was blessed with the opportunity to have attended some of the finest schools and universities in the world. I graduated high school from Phillips Academy, college from Yale University, and graduate school from the University of Cambridge. At Yale, I graduated near the top of my class and received several academic and leadership honors. The importance of public service and the need to give back to one’s community is at the very foundation of my education.

My Work Experience
In the public sector, I have significant experience working with public school children and have taught on disability and mental health issues. As a former Community Health Educator, I worked directly with children and school administrators on developing new strategies to overcome the many psychological and physical challenges that children face today. Then later, I served as the leader of Dwight Hall, a 3,500-person non-profit organization that provides community-based services, ranging from early childhood education to youth homelessness relief. Since 2019, I have been privileged to serve as an elected member of the Revere School Committee. During all those years, I have worked “hands-on” to provide better educational and social services to those in need.

I also have valuable private sector experience. I have worked as a financial analyst, primarily focused on the technology industry in the United States. Specifically, I have learned about what makes technology companies grow and what our future economy will look like with the rise of new technologies. I will utilize this experience to help educate our students to be ready for the 21 Century economy and address the raging income disparity problem our community faces. We must look to the future to understand how our kids should be educated today.

Why am I running for State Senate?
As we emerge from this dreadful COVID-19 Pandemic, there are crucial issues that must be addressed. I am an outsider and unbeholden to anyone. I promise to examine those issues with unfettered eyes and shake things up.

Education – We need to promote equity in school districts, so that no child is left behind or disadvantaged. We need universal childcare and pre-Kindergarten. Finally, we need to dramatically expand internship and apprenticeship programs for the Commonwealth’s high schools and community colleges.

Economic Development and Wealth Inequity – We need to support the creation of good jobs that pay a livable wage, include quality health insurance, and offer paid family and sick leave. We need to support small businesses as they rebound from the devastating impacts of COVID-19. Additionally, we must fully support workers’ rights and the right to join a union.

Energy and Environmental Justice – Equity must be an important consideration in any statewide environmental policy, as injustices disproportionately impact people of color and working-class families in our district. We must fund the placement of more trash and recycling bins at our public beaches to reduce litter and protect local marine wildlife. For the health and safety of our district’s residents, we must hold both Logan Airport and Wheelabrator accountable to state pollution standards and be unafraid to enact penalties when such standards are violated.

Transportation – Strong transportation infrastructure is vital to our district. As a daily user of the Blue Line, I understand the importance of regular and reliable T service, including early-morning and late-night service. We must expand T accessibility and resist calls to restrict T hours, as such restrictions disproportionately impact our district’s workers. The $4 million recently secured to connect the Newbury/Rockport Commuter Rail with the Blue Line is a huge victory for the district. We need to encourage more such investments from the federal and state governments to make public transportation more convenient for and accessible to all Massachusetts residents.

Over the next several weeks, I will be campaigning vigorously. I will be attending community events, knocking on voter doors, and holding campaign visibilities. I hope to meet you and earn your vote for State Senate.
In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or go to my website: My email is

Thank you for your consideration,

Anthony D’Ambrosio

State Senate Candidate Anthony D’Ambrosio with Representative Jessica Ann Giannino Democrat – 16th Suffolk.