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Produce for the People: Alleviating food insecurity in the community and creating an equitable, sustainable, and healthy, local food system.

Our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program has 400 subscriptions in its second year. It redirects local funds to local farms and reduces food miles/carbon emissions

Eastie Farm de-stigmatizes food aid by offering the same food to people from wide-ranging socioeconomic backgrounds.

About Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

To elevate food insecurity in East Boston, Eastie Farm has expanded their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programming to make their shares more affordable for the community at large while expanding the number of small farms supported by the CSA.

Before we dive into that, let’s take a step back.  CSA is a weekly produce subscription service, where community members can purchase local produce, directly from Massachusetts-based farms.  By purchasing a CSA share, you are supporting local agriculture, supporting Eastie Farms mission to create a more sustainable and equitable food system and saving yourself a trip to the grocery store.

The CSA season begins in May and ends in November, this is done strategically as it falls in line with the growing season for the up to 30+ local and small farms that we are partnered with in 2024. 

Our produce is harvested weekly ensuring the highest quality produce hits your table each week.  Our shares will contain 10-20 pounds of assorted fresh produce (including produce from Eastie Farm’s own harvest) eggs, honey and other locally sourced goodies.

At Eastie Farm, we recognize the cost barrier of a CSA for some community members in need of fresh produce. To further our food equity mission, we have developed a tiered pricing model for the 2024 season. For more details on our pricing, please visit this helpful post to make an informed decision on which price is right for you!

If you currently receive SNAP benefits, you can purchase a portion of your weekly share with SNAP and we’re offering a limited quantity of FREE CSA shares for East Boston families in need. To learn more about our CSA, Check out our CSA FAQ page HERE, or too purchase your CSA share checkout our webstore HERE

Produce from Eastie Farm’s Chelsea Terrance geothermal greenhouse (Courtesy Photograph)