Massachusetts Building Trade Unions to Honor Veterans with City Hall Ceremony and Helmets to Hardhats Program Donations


BOSTON, MA – (November 9, 2017) In recognition of Veterans Day, the unions of the Massachusetts Building Trades Council will hold a ceremony and fundraiser for the Helmets to Hardhats program. The event is expected to raise more than $25,000 in donations to the program. The donations come from a number of labor unions affiliated with the Massachusetts Buildings Trades Council (MBTC). 

Helmets to Hardhats connects veterans with union jobs and training in the construction industry. Since 2007, the program has connected 575 military veterans to union jobs in Massachusetts alone.  MBTC has been an ardent supporter of Helmets to Hardhats and has organized its affiliate unions in Massachusetts to donate towards the program. 

What: Ceremony Fundraiser for Helmets to Hardhats Program

Who: Veterans who have benefited from the program; unions affiliated with MBTC; elected officials 

Why: To raise funds and awareness for the Helmets to Hardhats program to assist veterans in connecting to well-paying careers with benefits through the labor movement and construction trade unions

When: November 9, 2017, from Noon – 2pm

Where: Boston City Hall, Boston, MA, 02201

Veterans who have been a part of the program are available for interviews. 


For nearly 100 years, the Massachusetts Building Trades Council (MBTC) had been dedicated to helping working people improve their quality of life. The organization is comprised of 74 member locals representing over 75,000 working men and women across the state.