May 15, 2015: Deadline for E.B.L.U.C. Grant Applications; Leonard Florence Memorial Trust & Bulgroup Scholarship Trust


This is from Joe Mason:

(EAST BOSTON, April 22, 2015) The East Boston Land Use Council is accepting applications for the Leonard Florence Memorial Trust and the East Boston Bulgroup Scholarship Trust Fund. Due to the extreme winter, our program was delayed. There are also numerous changes in this year’s program, we strongly advise you to print this notice and save it.

The rules are: 

  1. You must be an East Boston Resident with proof;
  2. We make Vendor payments only; (It is your responsibility to provide exact vendor information with your application);
  3. You must include all information in your application, as there will be no “do-overs.” If incomplete, your request will be DENIED!

The biggest change is in the categories:

There will be:

  •     ten (10) $500.00 dollar Scholarship Grants,
  •     ten (10) $500.00 Senior Citizens Groups Grants, and
  •     ten (10) $500.00 Children’s/Sports Grants.

It is important for us to remember the legacy of Mr. Leonard Florence, and his successor Bulgroup Properties. These trust funds were left to East Boston’s poorest of the poor, and to the neediest. If you do not see your cause, such as a grant to rent a bus listed, it’s because we will no longer be providing those types of grants.

The deadline to file is MAY 15, 2015.

Please mail your requests to:
The East Boston Land Use Council
2 Neptune Road Suite # 352
East Boston, MA 02128

Thank You
Joseph J.Mason President, E.B.L.U.C

Please no email, hand-delivered, or phone applications.
Again, to reiterate, you must provide all information in your request