From Paris Street to Zumix: Sal Baglio returns “Home Again” on November 5, 2022


“When the clock strikes backwards and you’re spinnin’ round then you wake up back in your hometown and everybody that was gone will be back around when we go home again” Home Again, Sal Baglio

Sal Baglio is “Home Again” on November 5, 2022 at Zumix. Photo credit: Laurinda Butcher

As a singer, guitarist and composer, Sal Baglio has touched all the bases that have rounded out a successful musical career. But with his recent work as a solo artist, Baglio embarks upon a new path that looks backward in the most delightful way. Baglio’s music and solo performances dial up a past that is easily imagined in a less-distracted age where music bursts boldly out of a car’s AM radio on a summer drive or floats in the imagination of a young solitary artist learning to strum his first guitar. New paths or old, Baglio projects a welcome sense of place, family and friends, a “pocket full of memories” where streets named London and Liverpool strike more than mere fancy allusions to the Beatles, the Kinks and others. They set fire in the mind of a young artist that will forever remain in his persona. Free of the demands of the music industry, Baglio is liberated to recall the past without sentimentality but with a flourish of great stories that underpin his new songs — songs that aim for the gentle heart. Baglio will never be separated from the impulsive spirit of “American Fun”, the hit he wrote with his legendary Boston band, The Stompers, that remains absolutely joyous in its sing-along refrain. Yet, as he ages — and we with him — Baglio reveals where all that great music began and why. His solo performances — powerful, filled with humor and touched by the reflections of an artist still at work– are not to be missed.
Frank Conte
Editor and Publisher

“Sal Baglio’s ability to be sad, poignant, witty, morbid,  brilliant, hysterical, and downright ridiculous…..while being both oblique and accessible, all at the same, is unparalleled!”
Rick Harris, Musician

Sal Baglio
Home Again
November 5, 2022
7 p.m.

Tickets are $20 in advance and $30 at the door. Buy tickets here: 




Doors open at 6:30 pm. Join us after the show for an after-party with the artist!
Originally posted September 8, 2022

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