WGBH: “Crashpads all over East Boston”


From WGBH:

“After Boston inspectors shut down an illegal East Boston crashpad earlier this month, GBH News identified over a dozen crashpads in East Boston, all located within a couple miles of Logan International Airport.

Interviews with flight attendants indicate there are even more, marketed on private Facebook groups like “Boston Crew Commuter Apartments” and “Boston Crashpads New,” where users must be a flight crew member to join. Others are advertised on crashpad-focused websites like Crashpad411 and CrewMatesApp.com.

Crashpads have been around since the inception of the airline industry. They are shared spaces with beds for airline employees to lay their heads down several nights a month, close to the airport. Online listings indicate prices range from $250 to $500 a month, according to listings, with “cold” beds — beds not used by other guests — going for a higher rate than “hot” beds, which have other occupants but sheets are changed between visitors.” Read more at WGBH.

Source: Inspectional Services Department, City of Boston
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