From the Archives: East Boston Resident Joe Falzone wrote the official ode of Massachusetts

Joe Falzone musician from East Boston
The late Joe Falzone

Known as the “one-man-band” in the Columbus Day Parade, the late Joe Falzone of East Boston captured the Commonwealth’s history in a short but meaningful ode.

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by Joe Falzone
of East Boston

Freedom, Freedom, FREEDOM

From the Freedom Trail in Boston

To the Dome on Beacon Hill

To Framingham and Worcester

And Springfield if you will

From Concord on to Lexington

No matter where you roam

There’s a not so common Commonwealth

It’s the place that I call home

You are the heart of New England

Old Ironsides and Bunker Hill

Where JFK once paved the way

To the day the world stood still

Your One By land and Two By Sea

Helped set our country free

You can’t get better to MASSACHUSETTS

You’ll always be sweet home to me.

© 1998 Joe Falzone


posted originally 11/28/00
revised 01/07/2017
revised 03/12/2021

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