petition: Rename Paris Community Center to the John White Community Center


[Read Frank Conte’s tribute to John White: “A great man no longer walks among us”]

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Nick Moulaison Sr has started a petition to honor the late John White who, as director of the local Area Planning Action Council, helped thousands of East Boston residents over the period of 40 years.

The petition in part reads:

John White dedicated his life to the greater good of East Boston and its residents. He served for 40 years as the director of the East Boston APAC, a subsidiary of ABCD (Action for Boston Community Development, when development the betterment of the community people.) At the end of the 40 years, John tried to retire and did, however, in short order ABCD was calling him back as no one knew the community like John did. He became the Director Emeritus, only it was not just an honor. John continued to work diligently until he could no longer. Working well into his 80’s.

John helped everyone. No one was refused when they asked John. He was there for summer work program. He was there for fuel assistance program; he was there when a family was burned out and needed. help with housing. One might argue that this was his job, and perhaps it was, however, he didn’t just do his job he did much more. “

You can sign the petition here.

The petition was organized by “the hard work of Joe Weddleton, John Forbes Sr, Dave Arinella and Tom Tassinari.”

Meanwhile, check out my interview conducted by John’s longtime friend, Soterios “Terry” Zoulas on Sudbury public access television.

-Frank Conte

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