Committee in Support of the East Boston Haul Road calls out BPDA for lack of a traffic study.


BPDA & City Officials Offer Expert Recommendations for Infrastructure Reconfigurations With NO Traffic Study

Back the ByPass
A sign on an East Boston home supporting the bypass road off Chelsea Creek

The following statement was released on October 12, 2023 by the Committee in Support of the East Boston Haul Road

Today we are writing to express our deep concern and frustration regarding the lack of attention and response from our city officials regarding our collective efforts to garner over 3,000 signatures of support for the construction of the East Boston Haul Road. It is disheartening to see our voices being ignored throughout the BPDA PLAN: East Boston process, despite the overwhelming community support for this much-needed infrastructure improvement.

The haul road has been a topic of discussion for years now, and it has gained substantial backing from East Boston residents and businesses alike. Yet, the BPDA, has decided to leave it out of their recommendations for the Chelsea Creek Corridor – land they do not own – claiming a haul road would only serve 2% of trucks. However, that 2% comes from MassDOT itself and represents 2% of ALL traffic on Route 1A, which equates to over 1,000 trucks per day that would no longer be using neighborhood streets. But the bigger issue is, they have come to their infrastructure improvement and roadway configuration conclusions without conducting a traffic study. What they’ve also failed to consider is the increased number of trucks that will continue to drive through East Boston to access the airport, regardless of what happens with the industrial parcels along McClellan Highway, due to the growth of airport related services north of the city line, as close as Suffolk Downs.

The benefits of extending the Coughlin Bypass are undeniable – alleviating traffic congestion, improving transit reliability and accessibility to the airport, addressing climate resiliency concerns, and creating open space and waterfront walking/biking opportunities for our community. It’s puzzling that city officials have chosen to disregard our voices and fail to engage in a meaningful dialogue about this matter.

Furthermore, we must express our disappointment with certain environmental groups that have been resistant to collaborating and working towards a solution that can satisfy both the environmental concerns and the needs of our community. While we wholeheartedly support environmental conservation efforts, it is essential to strike a balance between environmental protection and the well-being of our community members. Collaborative efforts should be made to find common ground and address any potential environmental issues associated with extending the Coughlin Bypass.

It is our hope that our city officials will start paying attention to the genuine concerns and desires of their constituents. East Boston residents have demonstrated their support for the haul road in a clear and unified manner. It is time for our elected officials to take our voices seriously and engage in a constructive dialogue to find a solution that benefits everyone involved.

We urge the BPDA and our elected officials to initiate a transparent and inclusive process for discussing the haul road, involving all stakeholders, and including the concerned environmental groups. By working together, we can develop a balanced and sustainable solution that meets the needs of our community while respecting the waterfront.

We implore our city officials to prioritize the interests and desires of East Boston residents and address the pressing issue of the haul road with the urgency it deserves. It is time for our voices to be heard, and for meaningful action to be taken in response to our collective plea for a better, safer and more accessible East Boston.

East Boston