East Boston Neighborhood Health Center is now testing 7 days a week! (April 21, 2020)


The East Boston Neighborhood Health Center is now offering COVID-19 testing seven days a week to patients as well as community residents who have flu-like symptoms or have been in contact with someone who is COVID-19 positive. 

IMPORTANT: Community residents who are EBNHC patients must call EBNHC at 617-569-5800 to pre-register for screening and testing at our two new EBNHC patient testing sites. 

Patients who arrive at Suffolk Downs or 79 Paris Street without pre-registration will not be tested. 

Patients and non-patients can come to our 10 Gove Street Emergency Department and Influenza-Like Illness Clinic without pre-registering.

EBNHC Testing Locations:

New: 79 Paris Street, East Boston, walk-through location
8:00 am to noon daily
Pre-registration required: Call 617-569-5800

New: Suffolk Downs, Drive-thru location (by car only):
525 William F. McClellan Highway, Boston
1:00 pm to 5:00 pm daily
Pre-registration required: Call 617-569-5800

Emergency Department, open 24/7
Influenza Like Illness Clinic, open 7 days per week
10 Gove Street, East Boston 
Pre-registration not required

In addition to screening and testing, we are connecting community members to resources for food, housing, health, and safety. No one is asked about immigration status.