East Boston Visitor Center & Museum Newsletter #5


This just in from Susan Brauner:

Project Site Location Update
This month members of the committee made a presentation to the Piers Park Project Advisory Committee (PAC) regarding placing the project on Piers Park I or II.  Architects Lyle Bradley and designer Gabriela Dumitrescu donated their time and considerable talents to devise excellent project boards.  The result of the meeting was not encouraging.  Following consultation with several sources, however, we will request another time on a PAC meeting agenda for further discussion.

We are also reviewing other harbor locations.

Financial Analysis
In preparation for the PAC meeting we have a complete project cost/revenue analysis with gracious input from Deputy Director Maria Muller of the MFA, and  museum consultants.  Please let us know if you would like to review the package.

Real Money!!
This month we were awarded a $1,000 mini-grant from the East Boston Foundation, although it has not been received.  The East Boston Community Development Corporation will administer the funds for us.  The money will be used for filing required legal paper work with the Secretary of State and Attorney General, paying the fees for the web site domain registration, and presentation material.

Our First Collection Item
The Mercandetti family of Andover was kind enough to give us a 1864 carte-de-visite.  During the 1860s the exchange of photographs with family and friends was quite popular.  Our gift is a lovely tooled leather album filled with photographs of attractive strangers.  On the reverse side on most of the pictures  it states they were taken at various commercial photographers in Maverick Square.  The contents were digitized by an historical society which we will be given.  We think it might be fun to put some of the photos on the web site and see if the people can be identified.  If not, we could get some great captions!  The album is being held by the head branch librarian at the BPL East Boston branch.

Community Group Handouts
Some committee members are fairly regularly asked to speak to groups.  We have found it a helpful tool to have a one-page hand out of the project available.  We have them in both English and Spanish.  

Reporter Fred Thys from the National Public Radio/WBUR  will be doing a story on the project in the near future.  We will advise you when it will air as well as where to find it after airing.  While we cannot yet legally raise money, i.e., until after we receive a Certificate of Solicitation from the Attorney General’s office, we thought it would be helpful, given the demographics of the audience, for the listeners to learn about the project.

New Officers
Debra Cave is not able to serve as Secretary. Fortunately, Bob Schmidt has agreed to act as both Secretary and Treasurer for the time being.  Also, AJ Castilla was no longer able to participate as Director of Communications and Marketing.  We are pleased that Theresa Malionek was able to fill this position.  We thank Debra and AJ for their service.  

We are also pleased that Neenah Estella Luna has agreed to act as our historical research coordinator.

Next Meeting
Monday, October 6th, 6:00PM, Maverick Landing Community Meeting Room, Liverpool Street.  Please attend, and feel free to bring other interested parties.  The more minds working on this the better, of course.