It’s official! Gabriela “Gigi” Coletta sworn in as the new District 1 City Councilor


Congrats and good luck!

Gigi Coletta of East Boston
Photo credit: Frank Conte,

The following are Councilor Coletta’s remarks from today’s swearing in ceremony.

Thank you, Mayor Wu, distinguished guests, my now colleagues on the council, and everyone for being here to share this incredible day with me.

As a former city council staffer, I have a unique appreciation and reverence for these chambers, the history of this body, and what has happened here.

Ffrom being an Eastie kid coming into these chambers with my mother to advocate for our community, to my first day here as a member of staff, I stand before you now, deeply honored and humbled, to be the Boston City Councilor for District 1.

I am in full acknowledgment and awareness of who and what it took to bring us together here so in this moment I want to create and share this space in gratitude.

There are some special people in my life who i will recognize first and it starts with my incredible family. I have not, and will not, walk alone on this journey because of you.

First recognize the matriarch of my family – Grammie Helen Roberts Coletta is here with us today.

I’d also like to recognize my grandparents who are here watching over us: the late Edmund Coletta Sr. the late Alessandro Gaeta. the late Celia Trujillo. Please watch over me and guide me on this journey.

My parents. Edmund Coletta and Nina Gaeta Coletta.

Dad – Thank you for instilling the values of kindness, humility, and service to the community.

Mom – If I say I have sharp elbows, she’s the one to thank. thank you for my activist spirit – and how to not only break the ceiling, but how to swing the hammer.

My sister and hyperwoman Angela Coletta Acevedo. my brother and political strategist Christopher Coletta who is in Baltimore but I know he is with me today.

My incredible partner, Sebastian Zapata. I could not have done this without you. Thank you for everything.

Elected officials:

Mayor Wu. thank you for already pushing for us to aim higher and to be bold. You are already creating history and I look forward to working with you.

Suffolk County Sheriff Steve Tompkins;

Former elected city councilors: Diane Modica, Sal Lamattina, Paul Scappichio;

The state delegation:

State Representative Aaron Michlewitz;
State Rep. Dan Ryan.
State Rep. Adrian Madaro.
It took 7 years to go from sis to colleague.
State Senator Lydia Edwards… Thank you for teaching me to shine my brightest light.

Special recognition of Boston city council president Ed Flynn, his staff, and central staff. accommodating and welcoming on my first day.

My colleagues on the council: what an impressive group of powerhouse individuals. This is Boston y’all.

I am in awe of each and every one of you and what you’ve already accomplished as a body this year.

We are all here because we believe in the power of municipal government and how it is a tool to better the lives of its residents.

We are all here to ensure a vibrant, resilient, and equitable City of Boston through policy-making and representation.

We are here to bring the voices of those in our communities to halls of power.

I look forward to learning from you and working with each and every one of you to build a brighter Boston.

The work literally starts today [with] a working session on the budget at 3 p.m.

I know we will not agree on everything. We have some tough conversations ahead of us. But I promise to be collaborative, to work towards consensus and compromise, and let the work be my motivation, not the politics.

I want to be sure to recognize the district that raised me, gave me everything, and elected me to represent them on the Boston City Council.

Charlestown, East Boston, and the North End.

Each is uniquely beautiful. each has its own set of challenges.

But I know looking at this room and those with us in the community: nothing is too big for us to tackle.

For my neighbors and constituents, you have my commitment:

-to be bold;
-to speak truth to power;
-to fight for your interests,-to be inclusive and welcoming of all people regardless of who you are – especially for our immigrant brothers and sisters;
-to be accessible and responsive.

You have my commitment that I will center your voice in every conversation and action.

I promise to serve with empathy, compassion, and with a little bit of that Eastie grit that I got from my momma.

I won’t be perfect. but I ask for your grace and partnership in this work. and to learn, grow, and mobilize with me.

The work starts today. And I cannot wait to get started.

Thank you.