Maura Healey makes it official at Maverick Square announcement as new poll shows strong support


It’s official the Attorney General is running for Governor.


WCVB-TV: AG Maura Healey is running for Governor

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“Addressing reporters on Thursday morning outside the Maverick Square MBTA station in East Boston, Healey largely stuck to campaign platitudes. She said the pandemic has taken a big toll on residents, but she’s confident about the state’s future. “We’re in a hard time right now, but we’re going to get through it, and we’re going to go on and we’re going to build forward in ways we can’t even imagine right now,” Healey said, touching on many of the same themes of her launch video, including expanding job training and making childcare more affordable.”

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Exclusive: Princeton Research Associates: Among voters in Democratic primary, Healey garners 32 percent in new poll, though plurality still undecided.

Frank Conte is a contributing editor to MassPops/Princeton Research Associates, a polling news aggregation service.

Maura Healey East Boston
Courtesy of Photographer Bethany Versoy for the Healey Campaign
Photographer Bethany Versoy for the Healey Campaign