Progressive politicians marched in the Columbus Day Parade when it served their purpose; Today mayoral candidates turn their back on Columbus

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Both Elizabeth Warren and her erstwhile supporter Michelle Wu marched in the Columbus Day Parade in 2012. Both were aware that the campaign against Columbus Day began in 1992, on the 500th Anniversary of the First Voyage.

Today, Michelle Wu candidate for mayor of Boston has spoken out about replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day.

Politicians running for office are squirming over the Mayor’s decision. I guess that having a cake and eating it too is part of the “process”. WGBH: Columbus Day Conflict Challenges Democrats Running In State Senate Special Election

Read the following from Domenic Amara

Message from Italian-American Alliance, Chairman, Domenic Amara:

Christopher Columbus Day Falls by Fiat Under Boston’s Acting Mayor Janey

On October 6, without warning to anyone but the media and a contingent of indigenous people, Acting Mayor Kim Janey proclaimed that Boston would celebrate Indigenous People’s Day instead of Christopher Columbus Day. The first black Mayor of Boston made the pronouncement only weeks away from leaving her position as Mayor. Janey recently lost her primary bid for Mayor to liberal candidate Michelle Wu and the apparent “moderate” candidate, Annissa Essaibi George.

Michele Wu has also spoken out against Columbus Day and has received endorsements of revisionist history promotors: Congresswoman Ayanna Presley and Senator Elizabeth Warren. Significantly, Candidate for Senate Lydia Edwards, seeking the vacated seat of Senator Joseph Boncore, whose district includes a large Italian-American population, has also spoken out against Columbus Day.

The Italian American Alliance, which claims 7000 members, has become prominent in the Italian American community in the last two years because of the increasing pressure from far-left political forces to eliminate Columbus Day as a municipal, State and National Holiday.

On October 11, Columbus Day, the Italian American Alliance held a vigil and wreath laying ceremony at the pedestal where a statue of Christopher Columbus had been erected and later destroyed by vandals – supporters of the Indigenous. It was clear some supporters of Indigenous People wanted to reinforce that message. Prior to the ceremony the pedestal was again vandalized.

Put the statue back Mayor Janey!
Photo credit: Domenico Dante Conte