Rally for Stand up for Eastie set for July 29


East Boston, MA, Stand Up for Eastie, will hold a demonstration rally on Thursday, July 29, 2021 at 6:30pm at Wood Island Train Station (MBTA Blue Line). The group will meet at the Bennington Street side of the train station and make their way to the corner of Neptune Road and Bennington Street.

The community is taking this matter into their own hands in high hopes to make a difference. The ultimate goals are to keep families in East Boston, save our neighborhoods, & build homes for people, not profit!

Stand Up For Eastie East Boston
Graphic: Courtesy of Stand Up for Eastie

Stand Up for Eastie is a grass-roots group of concerned residents that has been growing since 2019. We are a diverse group of long-time residents as well as the many who have come to East Boston for its diversity and welcoming neighborhoods. Stand Up for Eastie supports all residents who are facing the challenges and adverse effects of over-development.

Our Mission: Stand Up for Eastie is a group of committed community members working together to protect the neighborhood’s identity and character from the adverse effects of over-development. Our goals are to create homes that are affordable, to encourage developments that restore family homes, and to support developments that build true family-style homes adjacent to preexisting surroundings. We expect all developments to be built to code, to ensure our residents’ safety and quality of life. Over development disregards proper planning due to population density and the increased number of vehicles on the road.

We also stand with all East Boston residents facing displacement in exchange for projects looking for zoning relief. No one shall be moved. A bigger East Boston isn’t the answer – but a better East Boston is!

Stand Up for Eastie is proud to bring attention to these issues and invite you to join us in support of this event by providing media coverage and/or joining our cause.

We hope to see you on Thursday, July 29, 2021.

Rain date August 5, 2021

Source: Stand Up for Eastie