Reaching out to help our Afghan allies; Authorities and NGOs seek help to begin placing families



The International Institute of New England (IINE) is preparing to resettle 150 Afghan evacuees in Eastern Massachusetts, with the majority arriving in Lowell. We expect arrivals to begin early in September. Because of the nature and pace of the crisis, IINE is seeking to place Afghan evacuees in safe, temporary housing until permanent housing (private rental apartments) can be secured.

Temporary housing could include: discounted or donated hotel rooms, dormitories, bedrooms within private homes, or shelters established within churches or other community spaces. Our aim is to relocate evacuees from temporary into permanent housing within 1 month of arrival in Massachusetts, ideally sooner.

In order to place evacuees in permanent housing, we will need to secure up to 30 low cost apartments. Evacuees will receive $1,225/person to support initial housing costs (first month, last month, and security deposit) and between $500 and $1000 per person per month, supported by IINE for up to 6 months. Aside from the initial federal funds ($1,225/person), this cash assistance will be privately raised by IINE and therefore cannot be guaranteed. Low-cost housing is therefore essential to the successful resettlement of the evacuees. IINE’s hope is that evacuees will secure employment after 6 months in the country and support their own rental costs beyond that point.

Emma Tobin
Chief Program Officer
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Source: Small Property Owners Association email 8/31.