Seabiscuit takes over KO Pies on East Boston waterfront


East Boston News

(EAST BOSTON, September 24, 2021) Greta and Andrew Platt, proprietors of the bakery, The Biscuit, in Somerville since 2004, have taken over KO Meat Pies in East Boston, calling their new venture “Seabiscuit.”

The menu will feature the savory pies that KO supplied the Shipyard for the past 10 years, as well as a full bakery and coffee program that denizens of Somerville and Cambridge have come to love over these many years.

Current hours of operation are Thursday through Saturday, 12 – 8, and Sundays, 12-3. An expansive breakfast schedule will begin soon.

For more information call 617 777-3115.

East Boston Seabiscuit KO Pies
Photo courtesy Seabuscuit