September 29: NOAH’s East Boston Resiliency Summit



Our very HOT summer is another wake-up call or reminder that Climate Changes are upon us and will be intensifying in the years ahead. Sea-level rise can cause billions in damages. Central Sq is most vulnerable. We need resolutions soon! Extreme HEAT, which is increasing everywhere, can take the lives of many who are very young, very old or with asthma-like medical conditions. Our cheek-to-jowl three-deckers need better ventilation mechanisms, but those can be expensive.

Systems can break down if not properly maintained. Witness the Orange Line shutdown and the lack of fresh water for the entire city of Jackson, Mississippi. Bad things can happen in the best of times.

Fortunately many in the community and in the City are working towards solutions. However, we will work best, and faster by working together, across boundaries, on behalf of our vulnerable and diverse communities.

This upcoming Resiliency Summit will begin to explore many of the challenging issues in front of us. We actually need a network of resiliency. There will be a variety of significant speakers and workshops. Spinelli’s delicious food will be served.

Latifa Turner Ziyad is Director of Community Engagement and Resilency, NOAH

If you haven’t already signed up to break bread with us, do so today:

September 29th from 4-8 PM  

Spinelli’s’ Banquet Hall, East Boston,

282 Bennington Street.

Pre-registrants qualify for a Mac Book Air door prize drawing onsite. 

The event is designed to bring many minds together for a solution finding hackathon. It’s a fun but serious speed dating affair for Experts and Dummies. Pop the Question, helps us collectively pair-up to address Heat, Air Quality, Flooding, Food Insecurity, Tree Canopy, Pandemic and Emergency Management creatively together.

To register go to:

East Boston Resiliency Summit 2022