Tony Marmo’s Pride: The Massport Jets gather to celebrate 50 years of hockey history.


In the 1970s the late Tony Marmo organized hockey leagues all up and down East Boston. But his signature success was the creation of the first women’s hockey team, The Massport Jets, true hockey pioneers in not only New England but around the world. NESN has a great feature on the recent Massport Jets reunion. As many who recall that era, Tony was helped by an associate coach named Robert Travaglini. In the 1970s, East Boston was definitely hockey crazed and that fervor was shared by girls as well as boys on the ice and on the street. Captain Rita Roberto captured some of that enthusiasm in the NESN pieces linked here.

You can read more about the Massport Jets below.

Harvard archives: Records of the Massport Jets, 1971-1998

Another NESN feature from Women’s History Month (March 2022): Video

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