Zumix receives ‘No Strings Attached’ Donations from MacKenzie Scott of Amazon fortune


From WBUR’s report:

“‘The East Boston youth music center Zumix received a grant of $1 million — an unexpected windfall that amounts to more than two-thirds of the organization’s annual operating budget. Executive director Madeleine Steczynski first learned about the grant about a week ago, when she received a ‘cryptic email’ in her inbox on behalf of an anonymous donor. Reluctantly, she gave the mysterious emailer her cell number. ‘I sort of went through all of the questions you’d ask, and we actually got to a place where I actually believed she was being sincere,’ Steczynski says. ‘And literally broke into tears.’

Zumix plans to invest the funds toward long-term stability. ‘[Zumix] has evolved, with everyone’s input, into something so much bigger than me,’ said Steczynski, who founded the nonprofit 30 years ago. ‘With all my heart, I want it to live on well beyond me. And this, I think, is the first really significant thing that gives me real confidence that it will.'”

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