August 23, 2018: East Boston Greenway meets



Friends of the East Boston Greenway

Thursday, August 23, 2018, 6:30-8:00 pm
Anna DeFronzo Center – 395 Maverick Street, East Boston, MA


1. Police Report

2. 0 Short Street: Matt Barison of HVNA to present on the proposal, and CPA partnership idea

3. Update & discussion of Barr Foundation Waterfront Initiative grant.
a. Priority Plan: 50% complete, learnings so far and next steps
b. Innovation Market: Permits all set, Q & A, next steps
c. Cycling Program: 75% complete, possible BCYF partnership for 2019, next steps
d. Stormwater discharge project: an experiment in relationship-building
e. Meeting with Parks Department on Caboose: Dreaming big!
f. BSLA Design Challenge: the countdown is on
g. Design Charrette: 50% complete, on deck. Harborview
h. Loose ends:
i. Signage campaign
ii. Greenway Galleries

4. Update on “GlowFlow” art installation proposal

5. New Business
a. YCC: Changes, impact on Greenway?
b. Family Tree Program

Upcoming 2018 meeting dates: Sept 27, Oct 25, Nov 15* (early), Dec 27