Councilor Edwards to Call Hearing on City Regulation of Bars, Liquor Stores, Cannabis Establishments Near Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities


Regulation intended to explore distance-based buffer while leveling playing field between alcohol and cannabis establishments

WHAT:  This week, Boston City Councilor Lydia Edwards will call a hearing to discuss potential policy changes affecting the siting of enterprises serving alcohol and cannabis in the immediate vicinity of substance abuse treatment facilities.

Currently, the City of Boston regulates the distance between cannabis establishments at one-half mile and creates a 500-foot buffer between such businesses and K-12 schools. The City also regulates businesses that serve or sell alcohol through licensing and zoning, but has not enacted a similar distance-based buffer.

Zoning changes typically do not impact existing enterprises but would apply to new development and could potentially apply to substantially renovated buildings. The hearing will explore whether such a buffer should be created, potential impacts and how to create parity between industries.

WHERE: Curley Room, 5th Floor, Boston City Hall
WHEN:  12:00 p.m., Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

**Please note the actual hearing on the siting of cannabis establishments will take place at a later date. On 10/17 a request for a hearing will be filed with the City Council.