EB Residents Launch Grassroots Campaign for New Ward 1 Democratic Committee


(EAST BOSTON, January 2, 2020) – A grassroots group of civically-engaged residents have started a campaign to elect a new Ward 1 Democratic Committee in East Boston. The group, called “Fresh Slate Eastie,” includes:

Leaders of community organizations such as Airport Impact Relief (AIR) Inc., East Boston Community Soup Kitchen, Eastie Farm, Friends of Belle Isle Marsh, Golden Stairs Imigration Center, Harborkeepers, and What’s Up Eastie?

Representatives from all of East Boston’s neighborhoods including life-long and recently-arrived residents, 5 current Ward Committee members including City Councilor Lydia Edwards, and parents of students attending Boston Public Schools.

The group’s goal is to build a strong, open, and inclusive Democratic Committee. They envision fostering a rich discussion around issues most important to East Boston residents, resulting in greater community voice in city, state, and federal policy. The group’s principles include:

  • Transparency: holding widely advertised Democratic Committee meetings at times and places that maximize involvement from all East Boston residents
  • Diversity and Inclusion: engaging a diverse range of residents and community organizations
  • Community Voice: creating channels for the East Boston community to express its priorities on issues such as housing, transportation, climate change, and education
  • Independence: bringing a new perspective to the Ward Committee
  • Civic Engagement: increasing voter registration and participation in elections

The Ward Committee gives East Boston residents the opportunity to voice concerns by creating forums for conversation with elected representatives, endorsing candidates, and creating opportunities for civic participation. Voters will elect the next Ward 1 Committee during the next Democratic primary election on March 3, 2020.

“We are excited to launch Fresh Slate Eastie. Our goal is to revitalize the policy conversation in East Boston around issues that matter most to residents while creating a more transparent and inclusive Ward 1 Committee,” said Brian Gannon, one of the members of the group.

The following is the complete list of candidates making up the slate: 

Matt Cameron, 
Gabriela Coletta, 
Ben Downing, 
Victoria Dzindzichashvili (DiLorenzo), 
City Councilor Lydia Edwards, 
Margaret Farmer, 
Jo Ann Fitzgerald, 
Brian Gannon, 
Zachary Hollopeter, 
Lisa Jacobson, 
Giordana Mecagni, 
Gail Miller, 
Dionyssios Mintzopoulos, 
Sandra Nijjar, 
Heather O’Brien, 
Ricardo Patron, 
Jesse Purvis.
James Rosenquist, 
Aneesh Sahni, and 
Kannan Thiruvengadam. 

For more information contact: freshslateeastie@gmail.com.