Is there anything she can’t do? Senator Lydia Edwards to run in the upcoming Boston Marathon


Senator Lydia Edwards will run the 127th Boston Marathon for Junior Achievement

(BOSTON – 03/16/2023) Senator Lydia Edwards will be running the 127th Boston Marathon for the benefit of Junior Achievement. They provide programming on financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and career readiness for young people. Alumni of Junior Achievement are less likely to live paycheck to paycheck, more than half of program graduates report that they own or have started a business, and 69% percent of alumni say they are in their dream career. Additionally, 73% of alumni report they are saving for retirement, including 65 percent of those ages 18-34 and 82% of alumni agree that they have strong financial foundation.

“Every year this organization ensures youth are ready for the road ahead of them. I’m honored that my 3rd marathon run will be for the benefit of the young people served by Junior Achievement,” said Senator Lydia Edwards (D-Boston).

Edwards ran the 126th Marathon to raise money for scholarships in honor of the Maverick Street Mothers.

Photo courtesy the office of state Senator Lydia Edwards
Photo courtesy of the office of state Senator Lydia Edwards