Jeffries Point Neighborhood Association P&Z Agenda: January 17, 2018


Jeffries Point Neighborhood Association P&Z Agenda 
Wednesday January 17, 2018, @  7pm 
Jeffries Point Yacht Club
565 Sumner Street 


30 Orleans Street – Construct new 4 family. 
Owner Ricardo Andres Robiglio Giannitrapani, Joy Street Design

238 Webster Street.  Demolish existing residence to erect 15 units with 10 parking spaces.   
Atty Drago.

228 Webster Street.   To propose to rehab construct additional 3 units to residential and occupancy to 5 unit residential dwelling.    
Atty R. Lynds

177-173 Maverick St – Proposal to rehab existing building, upgrade and change occupancy from 6 dwelling units to 3 retail and 9 residential units.
Atty. Lynds 

Update and further discussion on the 4 Narrow Gauge Parcels.
Atty R. Lynds.