Libertarians release statement on William Weld’s GOP candidacy


On February 15, the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts released this statement on William Weld’s decision to seek the GOP nomination for President in 2020.

This morning, Former Massachusetts Governor William F. Weld announced an Exploratory Committee for seeking the Presidential Nomination of the Grand Old Party. The Libertarian Party of Massachusetts offered a response this afternoon. LPMass Chairman Lyons said:

“As libertarians, we agree with many of the concerns that Governor Weld highlighted in his criticisms of the President, the Two Old Parties, and the nature of political discourse in general. The Governor had been an ally of the Libertarian Party on these issues for the past three years, and longer in an unofficial capacity.

This morning, the strategy embraced by Governor Weld and the Libertarian Party diverged, but the Libertarian Party’s purpose remains to reduce the threatening power of Government and to maximize the individual liberty to control one’s own destiny. I wish the Governor the best of luck on his Republican excursion, and the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts thanks him for his time and contributions to our efforts.

I hope that while he is in the Republican Party he will continue to work to free the minds of those individuals he described as having “Stockholm Syndrome” with the incumbent, and that he will remind them that the “Party of Lincoln”, of Theodore Roosevelt, and of Ronald Reagan that once stood for Liberty, now primarily stands for divisiveness which conquers us all. The Libertarian Party of Massachusetts will welcome all those who flee the Republican Party in protest of the direction of the new GOP regardless of the outcome of the elections.

Similarly, we would like to extend the same offer to disenfranchised Democrats who are now experiencing what the GOP went through in 2016- a crowded field of aristocrats whom are seeking to improve their own station in life by climbing the political ladder and our grandchildren will be the ones who inherit trillions of dollars of National Debt because of the Two-Party system that enables these radical demagogues to seize control of our future.

The Libertarian Party, as always, is here to remind voters there is a third way, a better way, and that our primary political position is to empower you, the individual, to make the choices that are best for you without interference from any Party, especially political parties. If you believe in Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, you should consider joining the Libertarian Party today. Together we will create a better tomorrow.”

In Liberty,

Jeff Lyons