Statue of Padre Pio from Mt. Carmel Parish moves to Don Orione’s Madonna Shrine

Our Lady of Mount Carmel on Gove Street, East Boston closed its doors in 2004.

Since the closing of the parish and the sale of the properties to a developer, the committee who commissioned Saint Padre Pio statue in front of the former convent were seeking a place to relocate.

Thanks to the Madonna Shrine in Orient Heights, located on Orient Avenue the statue has found a new home.

A project that was created by Ben Tauro and various other devotees will continue to live on.

The committee feels that this new location is the perfect spot to memorialize the Saint who remains dear to Catholic worshippers, specifically the Italian community of East Boston and Massachusetts.

The group maintains that the Statue will serve as a place for worship, prayer and meditation. A sanctuary to reflect, as it will be situated next to the Madonna Queen National Shrine.

It is with great hope that people will visit Saint Pio and the Madonna Queen Shrine, enhancing the already popular destination spot in East Boston.

East Boston Padre Pio
Photo courtesy BostonConcepts