Italian-American community mourns the passing of Frank Mazzaglia, educator and activist


Statements from Domenic Amara, President of the Pirandello Lyceum and Elaine Lottfi, Member of the October Italian-American Heritage month Committee.

I’m sorry to inform you that Dr. Frank Mazzaglia, the Chairperson of the Italian-American Alliance  passed  away last night during a Zoom meeting of the Board of Directors.   

Frank was a tireless proponent and defender of Italian Heritage, a tireless advocate for Italian-Americans, and an American Patriot with a sincere belief in the equality of man.  

Dr. Mazzaglia was also scholar, teacher and writer. He helped found the Italian-American Alliance and was largely responsible for its rapid growth and influence. The Alliance was established in part to preserve and defend the legacy of Christopher Columbus against numerous attempts to eliminate the national holiday in his honor. In 2018, the Pirandello Lyceum, gave Mazzaglia its “I Migliori” award for his many accomplishments.

“The Italian American community has lost a fierce and tireless advocate and his absence will leave a deep void in our hearts,” notes Elaine Lottfi, a friend and a member of the Italian-American Heritage Month committee.

He will be missed, but his work will carry on.

Frank and his wife Liz Mazzaglia (Courtesy Marisa DiPietro)
Courtesy Domenic Amara