Salesian Boys & Girls Club Announces Renewal of Administration


Fr. John Nazzaro, Executive Director of the Salesian Boys & Girls Club, has announced that he will be stepping down as Executive Director to hand the administration over to a new, younger, energetic Director who will continue the leadership of our Salesian Club. 

Fr. John will remain as Director of Mission of the Salesian Boys & Girls Club, a position he is very excited about. He feels he will be able to impact more young people without the administrative responsibilities of Executive Director. 

The Director of Mission position is a more pastoral position, ensuring the Salesian Spirit of St. John Bosco the Apostle of Youth will be present at our club for years to come.

Fr. John said when he first professed as a Salesian of St. John Bosco, he was asked what would be his dream job. Without hesitation, Fr. John said, “To work at the Salesian Boys & Girls Club.” “I want everyone to know who has been so great in supporting our kids that my new responsibilities are that dream job come true.” 

The Director of Mission will collaborate with the Executive Director in overseeing faith formation, mission identity, and formation of the Salesian educational approach. 

Fr. John mentioned that this is the priority in all Salesian houses throughout the Congregation. Fr. John will also help the new Executive Director in the transition.

Our Provincial Fr. Tim Zak has increased the number of Salesians from three to five because the Salesian presence is here to stay and is as alive as ever in East Boston. 

The Salesian Boys & Girls Club staff has been fantastic over the years and the majority of the staff are former club kids. “Our club is entrusted to great people who I love very much,” Fr. John said. He continued to express his admiration for all the staff over the years and sees great things in the future for the Salesian Boys & Girls Club. With this new position as Director of Mission, 

Fr. John will have more time to attend to the Spiritual and Educational Salesian Philosophy as well as promoting a Christian culture with the priority of a safe place for young people. 

Fr. John will still be involved in promoting the club with fundraisers and development. “A lot of the donors who have been so supportive in the past are my friends and that friendship must continue to help our youth have a great future … East Boston is my home and I count my blessings every day I get up and hear the sounds of Eastie on Bennington Street.” 

Source: Salesian Boys & Girls Club