The Possible Project, Madison Park Technical Vocational High School and Boston Medical Center Launch Job Training and Educational Program for Students


BOSTON, December 11, 2018– Students who are dual-enrolled in The Possible Project and Madison Park Technical Vocational High School’s Allied Health Vocation Program will now be able to do more than just study a career in health care: they will gain hands on training in clinical assistant and support services roles at Boston Medical Center and can apply for jobs at the hospital at the end of the academic year.

Students from sophomores to seniors will be engaged in education programs, job shadowing and training, including direct instruction from the BMC staff at both the Madison Park and BMC campuses. At the conclusion of the school year, seniors will be eligible to apply for open medical assistant and nursing assistant jobs as well as support services roles at BMC, which combined currently number more than 500 positions.

“With the need for qualified healthcare personnel on the rise, it is paramount that we, career vocational technical education high schools, prepare our students to meet that demand, states Kevin McCaskill, Executive Director of Madison Park Technical Vocational High School. “Allied health giants such as BMC provide us with the knowledge, skills, and resources to better prepare our students for post-secondary and career success. Allied health partners are a key component to improving student outcomes across the board. An alliance with BMC is a game changer for us and we are truly thankful and grateful for the role The Possible Project played in developing this partnership.”

Founded by Mark and Becky Levin, the Possible Project (TPP) inspires students to unlock their potential for success through innovation and design thinking, social emotional skills, entrepreneurship, work experience, and college and career pathways support. TPP is committed to providing innovative opportunities to students knowing that students are fundamentally more engaged when their learning has obvious and clear real-world relevance and application.

“We believe this type of industry engaged partnership is critical to the success of students in high school,” said Becky Levin, Executive Director and Founder of The Possible Project. “This partnership could be a model for the region and for the country.”

“As one of the region’s largest employers, we know firsthand that the greatness of our city and hospital comes from the many faces in our community,” said Lisa Kelly-Croswell, BMC’s Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer. “There is tremendous talent and heart in Boston’s public schools and neighborhoods. Our collective efforts and enthusiasm will translate into educational and job opportunities for students, as well as advance our vision to make Boston the healthiest urban population in the world.”

This pilot partnership aims to provide a rich and authentic educational experience often left off the table in traditional classrooms: hands-on project based lessons with a committed industry partner. Students will acquire both the technical skills of medical assistants and certified nursing assistants from their instruction at Madison Park, as well as an entrepreneurial mindset, professionalism, team spirit, communications and customer service skills fostered by The Possible Project.

“For students to be truly successful in today’s economy, they need more than some technical acumen and a job application,” said Robert Finnegan, Vice President at the Possible Project. “They need the mindsets to succeed; professional skills; mentors who care; and great companies like Boston Medical Center to step up and show that they care about recruiting talented members of the community.”

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About Boston Medical Center

Boston Medical Center is a private, not-for-profit, 487-bed, academic medical center that is the primary teaching affiliate of Boston University School of Medicine. It is the largest and busiest provider of trauma and emergency services in New England. Boston Medical Center offers specialized care for complex health problems and is a leading research institution, receiving more than $116 million in sponsored research funding in fiscal year 2017. It is the 15th largest recipient of funding in the U.S. from the National Institutes of Health among independent hospitals. In 1997, BMC founded Boston Medical Center Health Plan, Inc., now one of the top ranked Medicaid MCOs in the country, as a non-profit managed care organization. Boston Medical Center and Boston University School of Medicine are partners in the Boston HealthNet – 14 community health centers focused on providing exceptional health care to residents of Boston. For more information, please visit

About Madison Park Technical Vocational High School

Madison Park Technical Vocational High School is Boston’s only vocational and technical high school providing rich training in 16 vocational tracks. The mission of the Madison Park Technical Vocational High School is to provide our students with rigorous academic and technical educational programs and the character necessary to further pursue and succeed in postsecondary and career opportunities in order to become productive citizens.

About The Possible Project

The Possible Project works to instill an entrepreneurial mindset in our students, developing the social-emotional skills necessary to work collaboratively and solve problems in a high-level career path. We guide students through a dynamic curriculum, including hands-on work experience and individualized career planning, to develop the personal qualities that predict future professional success.

Source: Timothy Viall

Senior Media Relations Specialist

Boston Medical Center