Today! Parents and other family members of 43 students kidnapped and disappeared by Mexican authorities to speak in Boston


From a press release sent by  Pedro Morales (617) 417-2524

(Boston, MA April 16, 2015) – A group representing the parents of the 43 students kidnapped in late September in Guerrero, Mexico, will hold a series of events in the Boston area aimed at increasing both public awareness to this issue as well as to make the case the case as to what American audiences should care about their plight. The US has supported the Mexican government with money and military to support the war on drugs but according to these parents the reality on the ground is that the government uses this aid to suppress dissenting voices, like those of the missing students, while mounting reports of corruption and collusion of government forces with drug gangs are more the norm than the exception. “Vivos se los llevaron, Vivos los Queremos” Alive you took them, alive you must return them, This mantra has come to symbolize the outrage and desperation of the family members and of the Mexican society at large who have witness an estimated tens of thousands of forced disappearances and over 100,000 killings in Mexico since 2006.

It is not only students that have been missing or assassinated by police and drug cartel forces which in many parts of the country are virtually indistinguishable form each other, the Catholic Church has already lost three Priests who were known for speaking out against the “Narco-Govierno” phenomenon. “We want the Mexican authorities to honor the demands of affected families and to take measures to ensure transparency and accountability” said Fr. Francisco Anzoategui head of Hispanic Ministry for the Boston Archdiocese and a speaker at this Sunday rally.  Our Savior’s Lutheran Church is proud to stand in solidarity with these parents and we remain fully committed to supporting these parents on their ongoing struggle for justice in their home country” Rev. Don Nastad, Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, East Boston.

Parents are hoping residents and particularly registered voters, will answer their call to have regular people call their representatives in Washington demanding that congress and the Obama administration put more pressure on the Mexican government to solve these cases and impose credible rule of law.  Caravan 43 is visiting several dozens cities nationwide and will culminate in NYC in April 28th with a massive rally at the UN building where the nations of the world will heard the desperate plea for help and justice of these wary parents in a quest for hope.

Locally, these the following Caravan 43 events are supported and produced by Stand For Democracy (a faith-base organization) and Boston For Ayotzinapa (a joint effort by students from Harvard University, MIT, Tufts University, BU, Northeastern University and Berklee College of Music).
Media and public alike are invited to a series of free-of-charge events as part of the Caravana 43.
Religious Service, Sunday, April 19th from 12PM to 1PM

LOCATION: Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, 65 London St, East Boston. The service will be followed by a march from Central Square, East Boston to Maverick Square from 1PM to 2PM.

Panel Discussion, Monday, April 20th
LOCATION: Harvard University, LOCATION: TBD, Cambridge

List of Speakers for Rally on Sunday April 19th:
Program starts at 2pm (approx.)

Rev. Britta Carlsen, Our Savior’s Lutheran Church. Pastor Carlsen focuses on Latino ministries and issues of social justice.

Felipe De la Cruz Sandoval   (Parent/Teacher, of missing student)

Clemente Rodríguez Moreno (Parent of missing student)

Anayeli Guerrero de la Cruz    (Sister of missing student)

Rev. Burns Stanfield, President of the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization, has been the pastor of Fourth Presbyterian Church in South Boston for the past twenty years.

Father Francisco Anzoategui, Director of the Hispanic Apostolate, Archdiocese of Boston.