Wanted: New MBTA fuel efficient, enviro-friendly buses for Meridian Street Routes

This just in from Paul Howes of the Friends of Meridian Street

We the residents of Meridian Street of East Boston would sure love to see these new MBTA buses replace the older MBTA buses that run along the Meridian Street route. There are 115 bus trips traveling on Meridian Street through East Boston weekdays Monday through Friday. The fumes from these older buses are a major pollution and health risk to all the residents.

The Umana and East Boston School children are all effected by this daily. Living on Meridian Street myself the MBTA always seems to have the older MBTA buses running this route. It sure would be a blessing to have the older fleet replaced by these new higher technical, less polluting buses running the 115 routes through Eastie.

Let’s upgrade Eastie and make it a better place to live. MBTA route numbers 114, 116, 117.

Thank you for your help.
Friends of Meridian Street