Nov 1: Inclusive Community Resilience Building in East Boston



**FREE** lecture

Panelists are
• Magdalena Ayed, Founder of Harborkeepers
• Alex DeFronzo, Executive Director of Piers Park Sailing Center
• Kannan Thiruvengadam, Founder of Eastie Farm.
Moderated by
• John Anderson, Director of Education, New England Aquarium

Communities across the United States are facing a variety of changes and challenges. Three East Boston leaders are taking steps to engage diverse residents in activities to help foster community resilience in light of the challenges. The New England Aquarium is collaborating with these leaders on a project called Communities Advancing Science Literacy. The panelists will discuss why they do their work, how it is making a positive difference, and how more people can get involved to foster community resilience.

Ayed founded Harborkeepers to build coastal community resiliency and foster environmental stewardship through education, engagement, and advocacy.

DeFronzo is the Executive Director of Piers Park Sailing Center, which offers 100 percent accessible recreational, educational, and personal growth opportunities for people of all ages and abilities in Boston Harbor. Piers Park empowers participants to become stewards of a stronger community, advocates for a healthy Boston Harbor, and leaders of individual and family wellness.

Thiruvengadam founded Eastie Farm to improve food access and community resilience by developing interactive urban agricultural spaces, where residents of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to learn and take part in the production of healthy, locally grown, and culturally relevant foods.  Community partner ZUMIX will gather short audio interviews about building community resilience. It will invite participation before and after the panel discussion in the IMAX lobby. ZUMIX is an East Boston not-for-profit organization dedicated to empowering youth to use music to make positive change in their lives and communities.