Author Jack Kelly to discuss his book about fighting opiate addiction: November 29, 2018


Jack Kelly, author of Sharp Needle: A Memoir , recounts his spiral into heroin addiction, recovery, and 2013 Boston political campaign.

After surgery for a hockey injury in high school, Jack was prescribed opiate pain medication and became addicted. He soon descended into a life of heroin use which led to homelessness and the loss of his family.

Jack found recovery at age 22, rebuilt his shattered life, and became a prominent voice in the recovery movement and in the fight against the opiate epidemic. He received over 23,000 votes in his political campaign and the endorsement of the Boston Globe.

Come and enjoy his story of perseverance, transformation, and hope.

Sponsored by the Friends of the East Boston Branch Library and the EASTIE Coalition.

Source: EB Friends 11/14/2018